Organic Horticulture Tips Everyone Should Be Aware Of

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Gardening has been an enjoyable activity for centuries. You can do this for enjoyment or to feed your family. This article brings more of the joy of horticulture to your life.

Utilize your garden tool handles as convenient makeshift rulers. Tools with long handles, such as a shovel or rake, are absolutely perfect for this job, and make your workload a little bit smaller. Just run some measuring tape right on the floor next to the handles. Use a bright permanent marker and label the distances. When the need arises to measure something while in your garden, the measuring tool you need will literally be “on hand,” sketched into the handles of your tools.

TIP! Use both biennials and annuals to add color to your flower bed. You can use biennial and annual flowers to brighten the bed, and let you change how it looks.

It’s sometimes possible to save certain plants from winter cold by bringing them inside. Maybe you’d like to save the most expensive plants you have or the most resistant. Be careful not to damage the root system as you dig up the plant, and place it in a pot.

Plants need C02 for maximum growth. With a high level of CO2 plants will grow much better. Greenhouses typically provide plants with high levels of CO2. CO2 levels are usually kept high to get the best growing situation for your plants.

When partaking in gardening activities, particularly in the autumn months, keep an eye on those stink bugs. These bugs like to eat beans, peppers, tomatoes, and many kinds of fruits. If kept unchecked they can certainly do a ton of a damage to your garden so you should do what you need to to reduce their population.

TIP! All soil is not the same. You need to check the soil to make sure it’s the best for what you’re planting.

If you would like to have flowers in your garden that last through the spring and summer seasons, plant bulbs. Bulbs are hearty and will continue to grow every year. Keep in mind that different bulb types bloom differently and at different time periods, so when you choose a bulb plan accordingly, you can have your plant blooms lasting spring into summer.

As fall arrives, it is the time to prepare for planting fall edibles. If you’d like to change things up a bit this season, put away your standard clay pots and plant your lettuce and kale inside of a pumpkin instead! Hollow out the pumpkin and spray with Wilt-Pruf to prevent rot. After that, your pumpkin planter is ready to use!

Soak seeds overnight, preferably in a cool, dark place. Simply place a handful of seeds in a container, cover the seeds up with water, and stash it away. This way, your seeds are well-hydrated and can start growing with a head start. The seeds will most likely have a greater chance of maturing and surviving.

Mint Leaves

Many people delight in the taste of fresh mint leaves, but become frustrated when the plant spreads wildly. Keep your mint growth under control by planting them in pots and/or garden containers. If you would like the mint leaves to still be in the ground, simply plant the container, and the leaves will stay within the boundaries of the pot.

As this article stated, gardening is a centuries-old hobby that has been loved by many through the ages. Many years ago, it was actually a way of sustaining the family. Today, gardening is still done for need but also for profit and pleasure. Regardless of why you are interested in gardening, this article can give you the tools you need. Enjoy the many rewards gardening has to offer.

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Healthy Growing: Tips, Tricks, And Techniques For Organic Gardening

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Many people use horticulture as a way to relieve stress and pass the time. Before planting your garden, research the proper type of soil, the garden tools you will need and what time of the year your seeds should be planted. Continue reading to get some handy guidance that can help you in your horticulture efforts.

Learn the proper way to lay sod. Get your soil ready before you lay the sod. Pull out any weeds and break up the soil. Make sure your soil is flat and compacted. You then will want to thoroughly wet the soil. Lay the sod down in alternated rows, keeping the joints set off from one another. You want the sod to end up as a flat and even surface. If there are any gaps in between the sod pieces, then you can fill these in with some soil. For the best results, you need to water the sod every day for a two week period. After this time the sod will have rooted into the soil and can be now walked on.

TIP! Climbing plants and vines are great for covering fences and wall structures. Plants that climb are extraordinarily versatile, and can help hide an unsightly wall or fence, usually within one season.

A great horticulture tip to use is to always select types of plants that are more likely to produce a high yield. Frequently, a hybrid plant will produce a higher yield because of its disease-resistant properties.

Plant slug-proof perennials. Slugs or snails can kill a plant very quickly. They tend to enjoy perennials that have thin, smooth, tender leaves, especially those of young plants. Perennials that are unappetizing in taste, or that have hardened and hairy leaves, are not a favorite of slugs or snails. Excellent varieties include heuchera, achillea, euphorbia, campanula, and helleborus.

Choose the right soil for best results. Dependent on the type of plants you are choosing for the garden, the soil may not be right for them. It is also possible to make an artificial area using only one type of soil.

TIP! When winter arrives, transfer some plants into the house to save them. Maybe you’d like to save the most expensive plants you have or the most resistant.

It is a good idea to pre-soak your seeds in a dark environment overnight. Take 3-4 seeds, put them in a small jar or container, and cover them with water. The idea here is for your seeds to become fully hydrated by the time they hit the dirt. The young plants will survive better, and get a boost toward maturity.

Coffee Grounds

One way to correct your soil’s alkalinity is by amending your soil with used coffee grounds. The coffee grounds provide a cheap way to re-supply needed acid to the dirt. After doing so, you will notice that your greenery and garden will be colorful and fresh.

TIP! It is important to choose the right type of soil if you want to achieve the best results. The soil may have to be adapted, depending on what types of plants you’re planning for the garden.

Try to keep your plants aerated and dry, every day. If your plants get too moist, they may get sick or infested with parasites. Fungus infections are common in overly moist plants. Although fungi can be treated with sprays, it is possible to preempt the problem and very important to plant health that you do so.

As mentioned, horticulture is rewarding, but you need a wealth of information to really tend a garden well. Taking this advice and using it wisely will help your garden grow properly. Take these tips and apply them to your garden and you are going to be overjoyed with the results.

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Great Organic Horticulture Advice You Should Follow

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An organic garden requires your most astute and attentive care to thrive. That is why wise organic gardening tips are important. This advice will help you create happier, healthier and tastier produce. If you apply the tips from this article, you will have a lush, green organic garden.

Digging in hard clay soil is made even more difficult because it sticks to the shovel. Make your shoveling job easier by lightly coating a shovel with a layer of wax, then buffing the surface. Either car wax or floor wax will work just fine. The clay will no longer stick to the shovel, and this also helps to prevent other problems like rusting.

TIP! To prevent your plants from getting shocked by a big change, get them gradually used to climate and temperature changes. You need to give them about an hour of sunlight during the first day.

Starting a garden which is pest-free is easy, if you have healthy soil. The hearty plants that will grow in a garden with rich soil can resist the bugs and diseases that weak plants can’t withstand. Use a high-quality organic soil and as few chemicals as possible.

If growing vegetables, make sure they are in a location in your garden where they will be exposed daily to at least six hours of the sun. Many of the vegetables need a lot of sun, so they can grow right and at a faster pace. It’s also the same for some types of flowers.

To help young plants, try pouring boiling water on top of nearby weeds. The safest herbicide that you can use in your garden is a simple pot of boiling water. Pour hot water right on the weeds, but do not get any on your plants. Weeds will usually stop growing if boiling water damages their roots.

Mint Leaves

Many people delight in the taste of fresh mint leaves, but become frustrated when the plant spreads wildly. You should plant the mint in a rather large garden container or pot instead so you can monitor growth. If you would like the mint leaves to still be in the ground, simply plant the container, and the leaves will stay within the boundaries of the pot.

In order to rid your garden of pests, take advantage of plant materials and other organic matter. Slugs can be kept at bay with a patch of marigolds or pungent vegetables. You can also prevent insect pests by using wood ash like mulch around your trees and shrubs. Using these natural methods will reduce the need for potentially harmful chemical pesticides.

TIP! When you mow your lawn, do not mow it close to the ground. If you leave some of the grass when you mow, the roots grow further into the ground, which makes the grass less prone to drying and other hazards.

The prevent your dog from trampling through your garden, spray some old aftershave, perfume or other heavily scented things on the grass around your plants. This kind of scent is going to mask the scents your dog is attracted to. If your dog has no interesting smell to follow, the garden will not be a tempting place.

Heather can bring helpful critters into your garden. Bees like heather, and they get their nectar from it early in the spring. It is common to find all types of insects inside of an undisturbed heather bed. If you do have to tend to your heather, wear gloves in case you accidentally annoy one of the residents!

Using aspirin water will help your plants fight diseases. Crush and dissolve one and one-half 325mg tablets in two full gallons of plain water. Next, coat the plant with the aspirin mixture by spraying it on the leaves. Plants should be sprayed once every two to three weeks.

TIP! Garden vegetables should be planted in areas of the ground that receive a minimum of six hours of daily sunlight. Many vegetables need about this much sun to grow quickly.

The tips above have shown you that there is a noticeable difference in the quality of produce produced by organic gardening. An organic garden is a ton of work to make successful but well worth the effort.

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How To Improve Your Life With Improvements To Your Home

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front doorSurprisingly enough, how your house looks and operates can have an impact, positive or negative, on the way you feel. If, for example, you work from home, it will be especially important to have a home that can keep you in a positive state of mind. If your home looks the way you want it too, you will be a happier person. This article discusses the ways that you can turn your home into a place that you always want to be.

Your home should be as comfortable as would would like it to be. Everyone dislikes something in the home, but you shouldn’t spend your life being unhappy with your living space. True happiness comes when you are satisfied with your home. If you are unhappy with something in your house, like an old bathroom that needs to be remodeled, take the time to change it into something that you really love.

Make your home larger by adding on. People run out of room all the time, and one way they address the problem is by adding more space. Increasing the amount of free space in an area that you frequently use will give you a sense of greater freedom, in addition to reducing clutter.

You can make your home more fun by adding recreation items like a pool, billiards or hot tub. This kind of addition can add value to your home, and be a real selling point if you put your home on the market. A work-out area is always an option, or a place for sports adds entertainment value as well. These additions can increase the value of your home.

It is easy to overlook the difference that new lighting can have in a space. If you can see the room, you will see the decor. Installing new fixtures is easy, even if you do not have a lot of experience with home improvement. It is a simple way to make any room in your home look better.

Grow something green. By growing a garden, this will give you a place to go and relax. It doesn’t matter if you already have a gardener. You’ll still get pleasure from doing the work yourself. Plants are great for air quality and to eat!

Try fixing the appearance of the outside of your home. Getting new windows, changing the color of your siding or fixing roof shingles can make your home look brand new. By making these updates, you will feel as if you have a brand new home that you are proud and happy to call your own.

Our home is our refuge, our base, even our identity. So much of our life takes place there. Because of this, improvements to that space where so much of your life is lived will benefit you enormously. Improvements in your home become improvements in your enjoyment of life. You are always told that home improvements add to the value of your home if you decide to sell, but their greatest value is their improvement in your own life.

Denver-Based Swingle Lawn Decorates Homes of Families Facing Hard Times

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Swingle Lawn, Tree & Landscape Care gave back to its community by decorating the homes of two families.

Swingle’s Making Spirits Bright campaign allowed people to nominate a family facing hard times.

Based on those nominations, the company selected two families to receive holiday lighting for their homes.

Swingle had the opportunity to brighten the spirits of two deserving families: young Payton, a 6-year-old girl in Centennial who’s battling leukemia, and 18-month old Charlie in Fort Collins who suffers from Aniridia – a rare genetic condition.

Each nomination shared the realities of the day-to-day struggles these families continually face.

The team went out to meet with both of the families in order to design a holiday lighting display fitting the style and character of each home.

Payton was completely surprised when Princess Elsa showed up at her doorstep to light up her very own ice castle, which was adorned with frosted white and pink lighting.

Charlie looked on in amazement at the 65-foot “Christmas” tree in his front yard – gleaming with thousands of multi-colored lights strung from top to bottom.

In addition to the special holiday lighting, each family was also provided a handful of Christmas presents for each and every child in the home.


Nissan Gives First Look at Next-Gen Titan Through ‘Truckumentary’ Teaser (Video)

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"Nissan Titan Truckumentary" tells story of next-generation pick

Nissan has been generating quite a bit of buzz around its next-generation Titan pickup. Though the pickup has grown a bit stale over the years, Nissan’s refresh to the full-size pickup, with a 5.0-liter Cummins V8, will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in January. And recently a certain gooseneck trailer at the Los Angeles Auto Show got a few folks excited about the new Titan’s towing capabilities.

And though we’ll have to wait another month to get all the details on this new truck, we’ve gotten our first glimpse of it in action in the video below, doing a bit of towing. It’s a teaser for a series of behind the scenes videos on the development of the new Titan that Nissan will be releasing over the course of the next year. They’re calling it a “truckumentary,” and Nissan’s Rich Miller, the director of product planning for trucks and SUVs, said in a note released with the trailer that the series will tell the story of the truck’s evolution.

Miller said Nissan has been working on the new Titan for several years and says the team is a close-knit group of truck lovers. “The unifying link between us is that we pretty much all grew up as truck people. Many of us were raised in families where trucks were a given—we’ve never known life without a truck in the driveway,” he said. Indeed, the teaser features many of those team members, most of whom say they grew up in truck families with fathers who depended on their pickups as tradesmen.

[There is a video that cannot be displayed in this feed. Visit the site entry to see the video.]

Editor’s Note: Wayne Grayson is the online editor for sister magazine Equipment World


IA Names Winners of 2014 New Product Contest

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The Irrigation Association announced the winners of the 2014 new product contest during the general session at the Irrigation Show & Education Conference in Phoenix.

The contest highlights innovative products introduced to the market in the last year in four categories: agriculture, landscape and golf, lighting and specialty.

Each entry was judged on innovative and/or “changed for the better” qualities, increased water efficiency, ease of use, cost benefits, time savings and design quality.

A panel of industry experts selected a winner and one honorable mention in each category:

Agriculture, Lindsay Corporation

Agriculture, Lindsay Corporation


  • Winner: Lindsay Corporation, Multi-Control for Irrigation
  • Honorable Mention: Jain Irrigation, Inc., Jain GeneSys Flow Control






Landscape/Golf, Hydro-Rain, Inc.

Landscape/Golf, Hydro-Rain, Inc.


  • Winner: Hydro-Rain, Inc., PVC-Lock Manifold Tee
  • Honorable Mention: Hunter Industries, Inc., MP800SR






Lighting, Philips HADCO

Lighting, Philips HADCO


  • Winner: Philips HADCO, FlexScape
  • Honorable Mention: Kichler Lighting, Design Pro LED Controller






Specialty, Munro Pump / Systems Inc.

Specialty, Munro Pump / Systems Inc.


  • Winner: Munro Pump / Systems Inc., Munro Universal PRO Enclosure
  • Honorable Mention: NDS – National Diversified Sales, Inc., NDS Swivel Fit Variable Angle Pipe Fitting






75-Foot White Spruce Christmas Tree Makes 2,700-Mile Journey to U.S. Capitol

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After a 2,700 mile journey, the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree was lit in a special ceremony attended by thousands of people this week on the Capitol’s West Front Lawn.

The ceremony, co-hosted by U.S. Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Stephen T. Ayers, Architect of the Capitol, culminated the journey for the 75-foot white spruce. The tree was transported by a specially-decaled Kenworth T880 from the Chippewa National Forest in Cass Lake, Minnesota, and the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe to the nation’s capital.

The special T880 features a 52-inch mid-roof sleeper, 500-horsepower Paccar MX-13 engine and 13-speed manual transmission. The T880 was made available for the tour by PacLease, which offers customized full-service lease, rental and contract maintenance programs featuring Kenworth trucks.

“It was quite an experience for the T880, Kenworth’s flagship, heavy haul vocational truck, to play a major role in getting the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree safely from Cass Lake, Minn., to Capitol Hill,” says Kurt Swihart, Kenworth marketing director. “The special T880 was built by our employees at the Kenworth assembly plant in Chillicothe, Ohio, and they were especially enthused to see the truck and tree during a tour stop at the plant. Being an integral part of this American tradition on its 50th anniversary was a special honor for Kenworth and all our employees.”

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the traditional Capitol Hill Christmas Tree ceremony, which was first begun by U.S. House Speaker John W. McCormack in 1964. The tour attracted over 35,000 visitors at more than 30 stops during its trip across eight states from Minnesota to Washington, D.C. 

The 75-foot white spruce is decorated with thousands of hand-made ornaments, crafted by children and others from Minnesota communities.

A Kenworth T680 Advantage with 76-inch sleeper accompanied the T880 on the tour, pulling a van trailer that carried the handmade ornaments along with 70 smaller Christmas tree donated by the Minnesota Tree Growers Association. Those trees are on display at various federal offices in Washington, D.C.   

The tree will remain lit with strands of LED (light-emitting diodes) lights from dusk until 11 p.m., each night through the holiday season.

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