10/12 steep roofing

Bucky Beaver shingling a 10/12.
NJ roofing


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    Chris Moltisanti January 2, 2018

    DONT DROP UR GUN EVERY SHINGLE! U could be 3x faster if u learn how to use the exposure stopper on the nail gun. All that gear and all these videos. Ur still nailing like a rookie. And learn proper nail patterns.

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    Damn Brotha !! Yah got SERIOUS SKILLZ !! MUCH RESPECT for the ones that got such beautiful skills!

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    Robert Faist January 2, 2018

    That's maybe 8/12

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    Robert Faist January 2, 2018

    That is not 10 /12 on a 10/12 u can't sit on ur knees you'll sit on ur ase at the bottom right awaya

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    Josey Wales January 2, 2018

    Why the harness you not very high? OSHA?

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    Israel Amador January 2, 2018

    You’re too slow man

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    steve reuter January 2, 2018

    i know those shingles call for 5 nails, but those three on top of each other is silly. nailing patter 0001000023400000000005

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    CHUNKY BOBBER January 2, 2018

    I’m calling oasha. Only one head phone allowed.. jk roof on brother

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    Isra Luna January 2, 2018


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    Dan Heath January 2, 2018

    Why don't you put yer end nail in? I'm Gonna show this to my workers next time they bitch about working on a steep roof

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    breathe and squeeze January 2, 2018

    how the hell does a guy wear big work boots on a roof? those things would be destroying the shingles on a hot day.

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    Keith B January 2, 2018

    u nail like shit

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    Joey Rodriguez January 2, 2018

    Must have no balance

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    Joey Rodriguez January 2, 2018

    Who even uses harnesses on a 10/12

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    Joey Rodriguez January 2, 2018

    Why is he so slow

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    King Juan Patino January 2, 2018

    Too many nails he dropping in.

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    Ace deuce January 2, 2018

    Not ipress at all. Come to Houston TX to learn how it's done.wearing a harness on a 10 12 roof that's lame.

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    julian black January 2, 2018

    yah man that's an 8/12 at most but good job

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    Dewayne Florian January 2, 2018

    Who chose this music?? It cheapens what this guy is doing. It’s like the music that you listen too when skiers are doing freestyle…

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    Kevin F January 2, 2018

    10 /12 no way maybe 8

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    Hazed January 2, 2018

    Crap music

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    PokieManzz January 2, 2018

    This was a 7/12 tops, just look at the ridge . A 10/12 to 12/12 ridge is almost straight up. Liar

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    Here's Johnny January 2, 2018

    This guy on price work ? Lol

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    Michael Ledford January 2, 2018

    Pay attention to this roofers quality product work ethics ,he's not too lazy to stop & drive in poorly set nails with his roofing hammer ,nail pops & improperly set nails are the #1 cause of shingle roofs wearing out a decade before their time ,poor ventalitaion will destroy a roof too.

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    Michael Ledford January 2, 2018

    He has the best coil nail gun made ,Hitachi makes the most durable roofing nail guns I've ever used in 4 decades roofing .

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    Tanner Edwards January 2, 2018

    What the hell is up with that nail pattern?

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    Paradox1 January 2, 2018

    Whats that music you got playing on here, that's what I need to hear when working! I'm a painter by the way but spend a lot of time on roofs.

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    Pete Pelletier January 2, 2018

    Bucky your nasty on the roof bro. Keep it up. Canada!!!!

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    ANTI-ZIONIST January 2, 2018

    i dont understand why people use this plastic shingles in hot hot hot USA. they will be melting away in 1 years. waste of money

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