11-Installing Shed Metal Roofing – How to Build a Generator Enclosure.wmv

This video is the video in our video series on how to build a generator shed. It shows how to cut and install metal roofing. You can find more generator shed …
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    Billy Pesantes March 4, 2018

    Half ass how to

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    CountryStranger March 4, 2018

    What guage (thickness) is your metal roof ?

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    Steve Atkin March 4, 2018

    Add drip edge around roof before metal and cover the sheathing edges

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    El CID March 4, 2018

    Jesus!!! I grew a beard watching all of these episodes!!!! Good job though!!

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    David Bond March 4, 2018

    What width is the roof of this shed? You say that you cut an 8' long panel to make 2 4' lengths, but you didn't mention width.

    The roofing panels I can buy here in Canada can be any length I want but come in 3' coverage widths making the panels approximately 3' 2" wide. 

    Did you have to trim the panels vertically as well as cuttin ghorizintally to fit your roof?

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    MORNING GARDENER'S SHOW. March 4, 2018

    Thank you very much for that information. Storm such is home depot or lowes will carry these materials?

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    MORNING GARDENER'S SHOW. March 4, 2018

    Where do you buy the materials? I have been looking for it?

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    Welsh Rabbit March 4, 2018

    Since cutting of the metal roofing metal on the flat is very easy and cutting on the major ribs it difficult, it was disappointing to see that between 3:00 and 3:02, the cutting of the major ribs was edited out.  We would have benefited from watching your technique with dealing with cutting through the major ribs. Also, at 4:00, it is surprising that your metal sheeting does not completely cover the underlayment — i.e., paint or not, I would think it would deteriorate prematurely when exposed — even a little.  Adding flashing and/or a drip edge will definitely prolong the life of the underlayment. All in all, some excellent ideas.  Thanks for posting. 

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    Steve McGuinness March 4, 2018

    How much does it reduce the noise by? I just bought a 7,500 watt unit and it's crazy loud.

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    telosfd March 4, 2018

      Without tilt angle rainwater will simply rot the wood.

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    Rick Roll March 4, 2018

    why not 6 bucks for galvanized drip flashing?

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    iCreatables March 4, 2018

    Several builders have sent us photos of the insides of their generator sheds showing electrical hookups and how the generator fits in the shed. You can view them on our Owners Shed Pictures page on our website http://www.icreatables.com.

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    OuiOuiFresh March 4, 2018

    looks good- did the the metal roof make the running unit noisier than if it were made of asphalt paper?

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    Michael Francaviglia March 4, 2018

    Thank you for the videos and for the informative commentary. I purchased the plans (somewhat lacking in details) and watched each of the eleven segments (about six times each). To my amazement I constructed the shed (and it looks like yours)! This is a major personal accomplishment. I was the kid in shop class whose instructor said "made the best firewood in the class" when describing my final project, a book case. Additionally, I learned a lot of tips from you. Your guidance was crucial.

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    Jill H March 4, 2018

    Would of liked to hear it! Volume is all the way up on both the video and my speakers and it still isn't playing…

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    Bill McGonigle March 4, 2018

    Thank you for the series. Very informative and the editing and subtitles are well-done too. I checked out your website and it gave me some good ideas. The sample plans look nice – I'll be back for a few plans later this summer.

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    kg kb March 4, 2018

    no generator test why we wanted to see how load it will be

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