3-Ply Built Up Roof with White Energy Star Coating – Starkweather Roofing – Phoenix, Arizona

http://www.StarkweatherRoof.com | Starkweather Roofing installs a 3-ply asphalt built up roof system with a white, reflective, energy efficient, protective roof coating on a large building…
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    Good job guys!!
    it reminds me my old days when I was 18 yrs old running on top of the hot asphalt .
    I used to follow the machine when installing 2 base ply.
    the only question i got …why not used the painted cap sheet already . you could just go back and touch it up later on. but the way you finished it, it's a master piece!
    greetings from an Ex Union Roofer Local 220 from Downey California !!
    Eric Garcia.
    P.S. for some Idiots making a bad comment . I forgive them …they don't know crap about commercial roofing.

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    Brodie Bauer January 9, 2019

    good work ! damn that looks like a tough job

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    Rapa BoomBoom January 9, 2019

    Is built up roof good for snow season?

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    Trill Flaco January 9, 2019

    Im an hvac tech so i work on the units up there lol

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    Triple Mexican 619 January 9, 2019

    My dad was a roofer up until he was 75 . He loved workin with HOT , he had a passion for it .

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    scott6 bartley January 9, 2019

    Very nicely done very professional installation I like the attention to detail

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    Kevin Allen January 9, 2019

    Nice work. 40 years in the trade
    Nice to see real roofers.

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    Slat3r January 9, 2019

    Inhaling all those asphalt fumes is like smoking 100 packs of cigarettes.

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    adam karch January 9, 2019

    good work very good work

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    Thresher January 9, 2019

    The white will came off because of the oils vs water base coating , it needs time to bleed the oils and then pressure wash and apply primer, so it will stick to capsheet . other than that great job.

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    ShadowGuardX January 9, 2019

    way too much HOT is being layed down

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    shahram sha January 9, 2019

    that pour box with the holes underneath it , where do i find one of those?

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    HD Nica HD Nica January 9, 2019

    Hace cuanto se hacia este tipo de pegue ??

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    Jose Jauregui January 9, 2019

    supuestamente lleva los ply abago de los flashing y 2 mas Arriba

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    Rudy Saucedo January 9, 2019

    why no can't strip on the curbs

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    crosman177 January 9, 2019

    What's the average price per square remove and replace??

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    Co Bo January 9, 2019

    3:24: Did you prime the pitch pocket?

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    ricardo becerra January 9, 2019

    greasy mexicans working…………

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    B3tT3r HiD3 January 9, 2019

    good ,clean work!
    great job.

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    dekonfrost7 January 9, 2019

    Yea good job.

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    Sergio Miranda January 9, 2019

    buen video compas saludos desde Santa Rosa Ca.

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    BeerNecessities727 January 9, 2019

    Great video!  Interesting system!

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    james G January 9, 2019

    wow great work u guys i like the polyester fabric u guys used its alot better than mastic and web.those e curbs come in handy too

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    James Naples January 9, 2019

    Great Video! Excellent Workmanship! I own a roofing company in Buffalo, NY. I have traveled out to Phoenix many times. I had no idea they used hot tar roofing applications. I was under the impression they used a lot of cool roofs such as elastomeric, PVC, or TPO. What kind of coating was it that you used for the final product?

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