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A Different Take on Hiring During a Labor Shortage

Skilled trades and sales can be taught — they aren’t innate skills that people are born with. With the belief that “what you know changes, who you are doesn’t”, it’s your company’s responsibility to train your prospects up; to provide the training that’s necessary for skilled trades and sales but isn’t necessarily offered in higher education.

A big part of training means equipping your new team members with the right technology. For skilled trades, it might mean the best-in-class tools and transportation. For sales, it might mean providing your force with the best software to help them make the sale.

There’s an answer to the labor shortage. The demand in jobs can be met by the labor supply. It means taking the time and putting in the effort to search for the right people, then onboarding them with comprehensive training. You can create a skilled workforce — and by choosing the right people for your team and equipping them with the tools, technology, and resources they need to thrive, you’ll make way for long-term employees dedicated to seeing success in your company.

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