CFS Cure It Flat Roofing System

August 28, 2017

Cure It flat roofing system now available from CFS!
NJ roofers


  1. It looks great and the colors are also grrat. However it doesnt look as strong as Kemper or the Suprema Alsan RS system's, but those are about $10 to $15 per sq. ft. material cost. Also those flashings dont look like they will pass the test of severe weather.

  2. is that epoxy or polyester resin? is the top coat gelcoat? i wonder why they dont use fiberglass surface tissue/paper on top? it will have a flater surface. would be better when they sand before topcoat so you wont have low spots where its not sanded. or maybe they do?

  3. Sound too good to be true? Well, actually IT IS THAT GOOD. I had a GRP roof done on my out huge building and extention, and it is incredibly good. Forget felt roofs. They are a real pain to maintain. This is as maintenance free as hard tiled roof. Perhaps even better! [I am not in the trade, but I really really appreciate a good product when I see one (and use one!) ]

  4. Is it advisable to double layer the fiberglass matting? It seems thin to do just one layer but I would not want clients to think I am cheating them to let it cure then come back the next day and do just one more layer of the fiberglass matting before the color topcoat. It seems to me that would handle weather and traffic better. For example, someone making a rooftop flower garden.

  5. I almost feel like these videos are put on here to secretly fight against this roofing system, as it is the most complicated removal and replacement process Ive witnessed costing more per sf than probably any system Ive seen.

  6. When he said 50 years i about laughed myself to death. Works great on floors. Always feel bad for the people who get it on the roof and i have to within 6months coat it to keep it from leaking until they finally realize that they got screwed.

  7. Your video is that good you missed out the most important thing of the job and that's the preparation and installation work of the osb3 18mm ply on top of the joists you did not show or tell any thing about this what screws or nails to use or about expansion gaps between the osb3 18mm ply it's a good job you don't do real demonstrations and videos or you would be knackered if your going to make a video showing every one how it is done make sure you give them all the information and not a bit of it are you a professional or what or just another part timer

  8. Nice idea…basically just resined fiberglass instead of asphalt-impregnated paper…they already make a woven yellow fiberglass mesh for reinforcement that might work well with this, and all other supplies could be sourced from fiberglass firms…don't know how it compares cost-wise, though…

  9. I emailed this company asking about the availability of their product in the U.S. and they didn't even have the professional courtesy to respond. That's not how business is done on this side of the pond. I'm sure their product has the same lack of attention to quality.

  10. Hi – i don't live in the UK – how can i source the components? – is the resin the same as boat builders? or a different type – and if different – what should I be looking for? I would need 600 grm chopped mat.

  11. essentially you're applying all the same techniques and materials you'd use to make a fiberglass boat. screw the eye protection… night want to use a respirator with all glues epoxys and resins you'll be into.

  12. Very good presentation!!¬†Yet it clearly reveals (at 5:40) that the¬†lower edge¬†drip trim¬†could have¬†been wider (120mm min) on the horizontal plain¬†so it can bridge¬†the joined timbers and¬†be fixed¬†directly to the main decking material.. This looks like a potential weak spot for future cracking due to movement. Wood is always moving yet fibreglass is a rigid material.¬†*Looks like on this roof the boys attached the facia board after the decking material¬†was put on. Regardless, have confidence this roof will last ūüôā

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