dirty jobs roofing hot tar mike rowe biltwell roofing

dirty jobs roofing hot tar mike rowe.
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    successful01 June 15, 2018

    Now the americans have become a bunch of pussies and sold out our country to a bunch of foreigners. Make america great again and lets do these dirty jobs

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    Chris Barnett June 15, 2018

    I'm a roofing contractor. Started roofing in 1985. I'm still sexy!!!

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    Bj Littleton June 15, 2018

    Done it 28 years straight work for ceco const then in roofing when not with ceco all hard work went to a brick yard when 17 in 1965 hard work we empty kilns with iron wheel barrows every thing iron but the tire 1 dollar 5 cent starting out

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    Bj Littleton June 15, 2018

    Love hot tar chew it while im running it i pull buckets up with rope we never have the pump kind

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    Web 1 Roofing Media June 15, 2018

    Actually it's a lot of fun. Better than sitting at home watching TV!

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    Moses working June 15, 2018

    nothing like hot mopping a roof on a summer day in miami fl.

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    Russell Miller June 15, 2018

    There's a hell of a lot of illegal stuff going on here.

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    ColumbiaSC100 June 15, 2018

    Roofing is brutal work. I've done my share, but let the crew do most of the dirty work now. It's been a long haul, but I'm better man for it.

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    Cleveland Roofers June 15, 2018

    Yes indeed roofing is a tough job when I started my company I was doing the majority of the roofing myself thank God those days are over

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    DelawareContractors June 15, 2018

    I have truly enjoyed experiencing your video concerning Roof covering. I not too long ago began in roof covering plus found all of your insights to be exceedingly helpful. I look forward to examining more of your current video footages. Can I ask how long you have actually been in this kind of industry?

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    Bino Stefanos June 15, 2018

    My account is going mental with $130 to $240 per day. Checkout GOSOCIALJOBS[dot]COM

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    BEATmyguest31 June 15, 2018

    people forget that 30 years ago it was all mainly white guys roofing & they were hard workers who took pride in they're work & the guys i got to see got it done fast, safely, & it looked beautiful, there was a pride in it back then & those days seem to be long gone

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    Gainesvilleroofing June 15, 2018

    nice video Mike

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    Joey Chaparro June 15, 2018

    aww man wheres the rest of the vid?

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    Duro boyss June 15, 2018

    Mexicans are the real deal, they work harder than anybody else!

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    ben macdonald June 15, 2018

    I do this kind of roofing and im the smallest guy on the job just started but its easy as hell. but since im small heavy thing its heavy but thats good cuz its working out all day. soon to be ripped 🙂 also rich

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    The Doobry June 15, 2018

    Its roof, not ruf.

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    Cody Flower June 15, 2018

    @KeepingModern it does not lol

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    Bob Thebuilder June 15, 2018

    @kopynd1 i dont mind

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    trevor francis June 15, 2018

    all roofing jobs are shit, every job is a struggle,everything carried up the ladders, to be strong enough you must be able to carry your own weight up a ladder,stripping off grit thats fully bonded with molten bitumen, it's hard graft, Ive had plenty scalds off molten bitumen.A hoist would be a good investment

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    jonny maddog June 15, 2018

    Hot tar is a bitch

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    johnny a June 15, 2018

    roofing sucks i did shingles and flat tar

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    MrHman33 June 15, 2018

    @EjmWillRuleTheWorld sure does.

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