Flat Roofing Soprema 250 GR Cap Sheet Torch-On

January 14, 2018

Installation of a 2-ply Soprema SBS torch on system on flat commercial building in Vancouver, BC.
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  1. Looks ok, try standing on the other side of the roll and push it foreword with one foot, constantly putting pressure on the roll, so the bitumen can really vulcanise. And a hugh plus is that you're not walking backwards so you won't fall over any obstacles or into openings

  2. Good job, nice and steady (some smartarses would say slow). Throw in a 60km/hr wind and its a whole different story. I degranulate all my end laps too, never had a failure in 30 years doing torchon. Have come across a lot of work done by others, separated where overlapped without scraping the granules away.

  3. my dad did built up felt flat roofing for over 50 years .I done it on an off for 30years .we used to use 2 gas guns an a roll bar on big Areas always better ,but I still use the good old roll an pour to this day .or do a clean finish .

  4. have you tried nailing the base layer up side down at 9 inch ctrs, you have bitumen on bitumen and don't need as much heat on the area, just the lap, it's vented from the deck,for timber decks only,I tried it  years ago and it works fine,black glass fibre drip to eaves,bonded to base layer and nailed the cap sheet bonded to trim.

  5. brings back memories 30yr ago,bronze debigum,euroroof italy, hyranger france good felts, bark brown mineral pour and roll much quicker,soapy water for picking up the seams,I miss it,you cant beat a woodwool slab roof,any jobs for an old hand

  6. cambia lavoro!! 1 la guaina la devi far sormontare 10 cm 
                           2 non si cammina MAI all' indietro su un tetto
                          3 si fa scorrere il rotolo con i piedi cosi da far aderire la guaina 
                          4 se a stende un rotolo ci metti 5 minuti mi immagino che tu stia lavorando ad ore e non al metro!

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