1. Lol, ya gotta start somewhere though! At least the dude recordings not a dick and scteaming at him like a lot of other dickhead bosses! He'll get use to it.

  2. I tell you I wouldn't want to be the guy on the ladder. That kid lets one of those bundles slide down and off the edge of the roof and then goes the ladder and whoever standing on it.

  3. Yeah poor kid he don't know yet but he's got a lot of these days ahead of him we'd do the same thing raz him a bit have fun with him but we'd also teach him and eventually get him to be just as good as some of us…Honestly I would rather have green horns you can teach them something and they aren't already taught a bunch of wrong by the last idiots they worked for…Or already a know it all even though they don't know any measurements or what a starter strip is what a hook blade is.I have fun with the green horns send them to get a board stretcher or let them try to untangle some ice and water shield that got stuck together fun times lots of memories and hard work there is nothing better.

  4. i remember doin that in AZ summer of 05-07…them 12×12 roofs angles are scary AF especially when u have no experience & not taught anything & no safety equipment & a rickety old ladder… Then they tell u ok all u gotta do is pack it up that ladder & stack um at the top… Gud money for a young guy but i dnt miss that shit at all

  5. for those of you who think that osha "requires" harnesses you're wrong this doc is from osha's website and it clearly states that they do not require any safety harnesses  This guidance document is not a standard
    or regulation and it creates no new legalobligations. The document is advisory innature, informational in content, and is intended to assist employers in providing a safe and healthful workplace.

  6. He's doing a good job considering they are doing the roof way wrong they didn't even put paper down which does several things first and foremost you need it so your roof doesn't leak and second it helps with traction-if you don't rip it under your feet.

  7. number one rule safety first, skinny or fat it doesn't matter, architectural shingles are now worthless as shingles will now crack with age prematurely from being bent over the ridge and not covered under warranty.. would of , could have , should have , don't matter. I think the young kid would be better off finding a compintent employer. This is why a smart worker is better than a hard worker in so many ways. under a compintent professional orientated roofer who knows what's possible with this kid. I saw a willing attuide and dermentation a rare triat in a lot of the younger generation. I didn't listen to the video, I only watched so I didn't hear anyone,, other comments mentioned laughing,,,roofing socks that's for sure and shouldn't be done by amuiture

  8. nothing but respect for this kiddo I'm a roofer too.and roofing is one of hard jobs out there MY ADVICE EAT GOOD YOU NEED STRENGTH. FOR BLISTER USE BABY POWDER. GET THE LIQUID OUT GET POWDER INSIDE you'll BE GOOD FOR THE NEXT DAY. don't quit you'll get condition after a week or 2. you'll be proud of yourself as a hard working man) trust me

  9. I remember my first labor job at that age. I was a varsity wrestler so I thought I could do just about anyhting. However I started at 119 and my coach had me drop to the 89lb weight class. I was unable to move the compressor up what looked like a flat path. I found some rope and two beaners and made a compound pulley from tree to tree.

    I did not find out till later that asking a the new kid to "just move the compressor 15" to the left" was a joke the play on greenies.

    After that I always used leverage not brute strength. I was told to dig corner post for a fence that was sagging. Once I got the hand power auger down I could not get it up for the life of me.
    I set two poles across the corner of the fence with pulley hanging above the auger. Then I connect a rope to the auger ran it up to the pulley then 20" back, to where I drove my Kawasaki 100cc dirt bike. I was able to auger a bit then get on my dirt dirt bike and pull up the auger when it got stuck.

  10. This kid obviously doesn't have the experience for the job. He's brave, teach him and he'll be fine. otherwise its just an accident waiting to happen. working at heights is dangerous. install jack and planks close to the eves. secure a ladder onto the roof all the way up to the ridge and he can work safe and faster. I'd kick any company off my roof if i saw this tom and jerry shit. respect life guys!! hopefully everyone had a great day and made it home safe!!

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