How To Build A Lean To Shed – Part 7 – Roofing Install

Learn how to install 3 tab asphalt shingles on a lean to shed. This video shows: -How to install the roof drip edge -How to install roofing paper or felt -How to make and install roofing starter…
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    Ed Jacobs May 1, 2018

    Use by lines you have crooked keys

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    ian porter May 1, 2018

    This is what I needed, though everywhere sells the capping for apex roofs. Can I use these and bend?

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    Lucy MEJIA May 1, 2018

    I built a shed with these plans from Ryan [ Details Here?> WoodBlueprints. Com ] . The instructions were clear and easy to implement. Even a novice can be able to build fast using this plan. I'm happy I bought the plan. It also saved me much cost.

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    Dylan Reese Marshall May 1, 2018

    Really nice video. Well done. Great presentation. I like your laid back style, and the info is GREAT!! Thank you so much for posting this for all of us DIYers. ūüôā

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    1995dresser May 1, 2018

    7:37  Not a very good Lay out of the Job   small  1/2 & 1inch wide  shingle ends left.   they will fall off or be blown off  not a nice job

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    Showemright YTchannel May 1, 2018

    just to warn folks…when ever you rest a new package of shingles on its width side…DO NOT do that..I learned the hard way…I rested a pack on its side…to open up my back gate..and the damn things crumpled on its self…causing a breakage on the shingles itself….

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    Seth Friedman May 1, 2018

    We've just about finished one of you 6×16 lean-to sheds! Great instructions!! One question, what is an underlayment appropriate for low slope 2:12 roofing with shingles?

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    Willie Munoz May 1, 2018

    Great video!

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    Widow Twankey May 1, 2018

    The best video on this subject on Youtube.

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    Jack Donaldson May 1, 2018

    Amazingly clear and well done. Fantastic job. Thank you for a great set of tutorials.

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    Steven Baumann May 1, 2018

    I just built a large lean to from scratch. This was a big help!

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    Mike B. May 1, 2018

    A tip for weekend builders who have never roofed and likely spend too much time behind a desk all week (like me). Remember to peel off the cellophane 'tape' off the tar strip before laying the shingle down. Yes I screwed this up on the very first shed roof I did years ago because it was hot out it was not immediately apparent that there was even tape there. At the time I didn't know enough to think that the tar was there to glue things together. Yeah I know dumb but live and learn. Thanks for the great video!

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    Michael Weatherby May 1, 2018

    great video, well explained and efficient!

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    Jake Hammersley May 1, 2018

    Thank you for this video!! It is EXACTLY what I needed. I love how you put it together with the F FWD video and terrific voice over. It's like you were reading my mind and explaining all the confusing bits!!

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    Di Si May 1, 2018

    GOOD JOB thank You

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    Why don't use just keeps on installing the shingles until u reach the top of the roof instead why restarting at row 7 ???

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    Migue Gtz May 1, 2018

    only one thing to all guys that are going to do this for the first time, don't take this position to install and walk on the roof, this is just an example, the right way is facing the bottom line of shingles, is easier to move, faster and less dangerous.

    By the way (no hard hat and harness detected)

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    Edward Olsoe May 1, 2018

    This is absolutely the best instructional video I have ever come across. It presented exactly what I needed to roof the 10'x12' lean-to style shed I built. Thank you so much for creating and sharing it.

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    Karen C May 1, 2018

    I have a package of other shingles (architect)- their black strips on the back are not in the center ..they are on the both opposite ends on the back. Can I use those still for the starter shingles if I cut down the middle (so I don't run out of my new shed shingles – 3 packages)? thank you.: My lean to shed roof is 8 ft. x 12 ft. and I bought 3 packages of new regular shingles .

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    Dan Ervin May 1, 2018


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    Austin Patrick May 1, 2018

    Great information! Thanks so much! You answered all my questions.

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    Brian Vargo May 1, 2018

    how do you install the lower drip edge if the roof is longer than 10ft which is the length of the drip edge available at the hardware store?

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    Jack Downing May 1, 2018

    Great video. Clear with close-ups. I like the mini summaries with fast motion video followed by step-by-step sequences. Well done!

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    jso31 O May 1, 2018

    using a roofing hammer is much quicker

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    jhm s-tagg May 1, 2018

    how many drip edges do you install. for the rake edge is there already a drip edge there before you install the last one.

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    Inthisma May 1, 2018

    nice rouf

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    digimaks May 1, 2018

    Why not to use roofing staples instead? Less hammering, and faster clamping down for the shingles….

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