How To: Install GAF Liberty™ Low Slope Roofing System

GAF- Mastering The Roof (chapter 14) The Liberty™ System is designed for both new roofing and re-roofing applications. Full Installation Guide for Low Slope Modified Roofing (Cold-Applied…
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    Michael Ledford March 21, 2018

    +gone-shootin +Peter Trembly exact words were " 1 Sheet of Membrane is More than enough ,they are just trying to sell you extra stuff ,Ex Roofer .

    I am a highly educated & experienced Journeyman Roofer & Waterproofer so I fully understand the manufacturer instructions as well as perfectly understanding ex roofers words ,he plainly says 1 membrane is " More than enough " ,that doesn't mean I'm " implying " anything ,the use of a 30 pound nailed base sheet is never meant as part of the waterproofing system ,it's used as a compatible product to adhere the roof system to the building with ,the 2nd layer of material is the 1st layer of roofing system and it's used to reinforce the final membrane to resist seam failure from UV and thermal shock ,the modified base layer is hardly being sold something extra as Ex roofer claimed ,it's what makes the finished roof system more durable than a fully adhered 90 pound felt roof ,I don't know what your trying to do ,or why an Ex Roofer would make such uneducated claims but neither of you are showing yourselves to be knowledgeable skilled applicators ,my crew has installed literally over a million squares of GAF systems over 4 decades so I know they aren't selling extra shit ,the advice you two are giving will help a homeowner install a substandard roofing system to save himself $150 .

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    Michael Ledford March 21, 2018

    Peter Trembly Journeyman roofer here amd you don't know WTF your talking about ,even a shingle roof isn't ' 1 layer " ,it's a 2 ply roof system ,if you tried installing a self adhering modified roof in a 1 layer manner it would leak like a sieve, I could explain why multiple layers are needed but your former career installing shingles don't make you a roofer .

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    Kevin Polin March 21, 2018

    Beautiful!! Well Done!

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    David March 21, 2018

    I keep hearing the term the "salvaged edge" and I am not sure I understand what that means. Is it the edge that has the marked line? Is it the edge that is positioned at the higher end of the roof slope?

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    Peter Tremblay March 21, 2018

    I sheet of membrane is more than enough, they are just trying to sell you other stuff, ex roofer here.

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    Michael Smith March 21, 2018

    That is some fine use of the fall arrest system. Oh wait, he isn't anchored to anything but his own back and some don't have lanyards. I guess GAF isn't concerned with showing there product installed safely.

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    thetruthrover March 21, 2018

    My goodness, I commented too soon. @ 10:43, the narrator actually says to avoid wrinkles while the video pans across some wrinkles being covered over by their 'pros'.

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    thetruthrover March 21, 2018

    @ 2:03, wrinkles in the sa base should have been cut and repaired before next course was installed. Pretty shoddy work for a manufacturer's how-to video.

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    adriancjones March 21, 2018

    I would like to see them install a skylight.

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    LarryNH914 March 21, 2018

    No Valley details? Are valleys allowed?

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