HOW TO INSTALL PLWOOD SHEATHING!.The .best installation video. Roofing video

February 8, 2018

I took this video during the plywood installation , hope you like it Eric.
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  1. +Oscar Robinson the only people more ignorsnt of the facts than you are the morons who quote you and repeat lies ,if you haven't noticed it's not working ,you lost the presidency ,Congress and the Senate ,and your still losing more corrupt democrats ,keep up the good work ,yiur petulant lies drives more & more voters away from liberalism .

  2. Your crew does great work Eric and your quality is very high ,I can't believe some moron would accuse you of short nailing your decking when you take the extra time to install a batten to reinforce your deck when many fly by night roofers wouldn't even install those junk seam clips ,the decking job is perfect brother .

    Roofers local #149 Detroit !

  3. Yep you might be a roofer. But you're not a carpenter. And I said that because of your decking skills. Lol no saves deckear jajaa Ni el wey k corto el plywood vale versh y aparte que serrucho tan inpractico no conoces Los de la marca azul jajaaa. So long cerote lol

  4. Mr. Union Roofer, thought you knew it all??? That is Roma pattern by Monier Roofing Tile manufacturer. MONRAY was actually came from Monier Raymond back many years ago. They also made a Villa Pattern as well with a 1" water channel. The Roma had a 2" water channel.

  5. hey eric i have been watching your videos since i started my roofing journey a long ways from when i started
    i want to get my license soon so i can work for myself but im not entirely sure on how to price homes
    what do you recomend or how should i price homes by the bunlde laid down or how many days it would take
    and how much should i charge
    if you could inbox me that would help me out alot thank you

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