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How To Keep Holiday Plants, Greenery Looking Festive All Season Long

The holidays are here, and that means it’s time to spruce up the landscape with live plants, wreaths, garlands and greenery.

The Grounds Guys give a few tips on how to keep holiday plants and greenery looking festive this season:

  • Make your selection of holiday greenery carefully. Pine, fir and cedar dry out more slowly than other types of greenery, so they are often the best choice for decorations. You might also enjoy varieties of poinsettias, holiday cacti, amaryllis, mistletoe and holly.
  • Practice patience. Greenery dries out naturally, so delaying decorating until one or two weeks before the holiday heightens the chances of having beautiful greenery longer.
  • Check greenery every couple of days. Look for sprigs that are turning brown or needles that are falling, and remove or trim them. Discard dried out greenery away from the home or office to prevent fire hazard.
  • Place greenery away from heat sources. Never hang greenery around an open fire. Place greenery away from heat vents, space heaters, candles and sunny windows since these heat sources can cause it to dry out more quickly.
  • Water plants as needed. Also, use a water bottle with a pump to mist the greenery lightly so it stays looking fresh and festive.
  • Add a festive touch to potted plants. Wrap the pots in colored foil wrapping paper or tie a bow around them. You might also add small ornaments or other decorations such as confetti, tinsel or ribbon around the plants.

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