How to make $2M a Year in the Roofing Business

September 22, 2017

How to make $2M a Year in the Roofing Business More on Eric Reno Eric Reno Talk Eric Reno …
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  1. Are you trying to make roofing look cool? lol. What an idiot lol. It's back breaking work LOL, with the most awkward phases. He said he's trying to get things organized LMAOOO……… that b1tch ain't doing sh1t, not a damn thing, except saying he's doing sh1t lol…… ya pick your complicated task, either haul a ton of roofing material up a ladder, or start tearing off the old roof while sniffing old tar. My grandpa owned a construction company. Seen it all. He said he's getting it all organized LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….. And he said he's supervising the music choices. Better start respecting your crew fast LOL, they don't need you buddy lol.

  2. Some guys fall from a second story house and get up just fine. Me probably not so much. Looks though like a good job for a feminist. Not sure why feminist aren't screaming sexist misogynist pigs at the roofers. Little plumbers crack ain't going to scare anyone.

  3. wow so this is Keiths friend that told him "you can do this," "do what?" "you can run your own business it's not hard". this is also like me and my best friend. we were poppers (hip hop dancers) when we were in highschool 05. lol

  4. Can someone answer me this question how much do roofing contractors make per job? Here in Texas they do 1roof in 1 day and its like $15,0000 or more. So how much do they actually make and how much does the crew make. I will not start a roofing company just wondering

  5. Hello i have been a roofer sense 13 i am 26 but i know more traids in construction and this trade i could never forget i have been thinking of opening my own roofing company in southern california and this video just gave a me a vision and a motivation to achieve my gole for a better future for me and my family i will love to have a team like this one day and to see our work of art when we are finish with our job
    Thank you for making this video 😊

  6. That is awesome! Keith, next time you see or talk to Eric, tell him about this. The Equipter Rb4000, it is a roofers buggy. Cost about $33,000. But for the site company he has, they would be perfect if he doesn't have them already! Great video, very inspireing!

  7. Awesome to see other Business in Metro Detroit featured in your videos. We are all in the service business around here together. Working with one another is a great way to grow and improve a high quality service industry. Seeing company's perform work the right way for their customers always makes me proud of the hard work we do here in Rochester Hills. Keep it UP!

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