HOW TO VIDEO: Roofing Basics …Installing a valley on a shingle roof…the easiest and fastest way

December 17, 2017

In this video , I show you how I do the valleys on a shingle roof. Many roofers cut the shingles across because they say it’s safer . no one of this affirmations are …
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  1. Open valleys are nice where applicable. Obviously not the best option in places with more rain snow and ice. I'm in pa and everyone usually does closed cut valleys. Decent looking though man!! Not crazy at all about the shortys in the valley. 6th at part plus the matching seams made me cringe alot lol but general you have some great vids! Roof on!

  2. You supposed to add one eighth of an inch per foot going down the valley to that sock line so that you have created a wider Channel at the bottom is what per manufacturer pabco Premier shingles advises what do you think you're a really excellent roofer by the way I just want to tell you that

  3. Hi Eric! Question, my old landlady's hack of a son put 4 layers of shingles on an apartment building that's well over a hundred years old. Is this safe, legal and correct? Plus he hasn't finished the job, its been going on for 4 years now with staging still up! What does everyone think about a man in his 50' s who does this to his 80 year old mom? I think the building is 150 yrs. old.

  4. Bad idea in snowy/rainy climate.  Probably O.K. where dry but I highly doubt it meets mfg. specs.  Water will stay in gaps on valley roofing that's place "sideways" and eventually damage/lift it especially when it freezes + get into the nails easier.  Gaps need to run down hill as straight as possible just like every other shingle on the roof and you need to cut small 45 degree corner off each shingle on top in valley to release water.  Glue the seam a couple inches inboard.  I'm from the frozen north, though.  Good video, thanks for doing it Рjust my opinion and I could be totally wrong.

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