Installing Metal Roofing Panels!

Watch me install a new metal roof on the Eco-Ranch. There are installation tips and a pretty nice finished roof!
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    Rick James June 6, 2018

    At 8:54 the rooster said that’s what she said.

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    I just reviewed this video and saw that of the 149 videos I have posted on YOUTUBE, this one got the MOST views by a WIDE margin! It is now November, 2017 and our completed roof is holding up wonderfully. Mueller Steel, the manufacturer, has come up with a great flexible adhesive for the seams that stops windblown water infiltration and holds the panels together if a "stitching" screw fails. I am using this on the rest of the roofing done AFTER this video. They did not have it when I bought this material.

    When I noticed the number of views, I wanted to state and remind everyone that MY roof, would not pass approval for most building codes! I always tell people to research MANY sources when trying to learn how to DIY a project and NEVER take one person's advice as gospel. Every project is different and the weather, livestock animals, insects, or whatever, seldom read or watch the same source you have studied, so they may act differently than you expect!We live in this part of Texas BECAUSE there are no building codes nor code enforcement officers. It allows us to build our compound with native rock, glass bottles and none of those annoying GFI electrical outlets. But although my roof is strong, stable and leak-proof, it would not pass most inspections because there is NO UNDERLAYMENT! When I installed the first sections of the roof, I could not afford OSB or plywood because it was right after we invaded Afghanistan & Iraq. Most of the country's OSB & plywood was going there for our troops. What remained here was 4-5 times more expensive than it is today. It was cheaper for me to double the size of the perlons (perlins), rather than use plywood/OSB,  by a wide margin.

    I could also get by without underlayment because of our low humidity here, moisture vapor is not an issue for us. With nearly 200,000 views, I wanted to explain this and remind you to watch and read everything you can about every project and NEVER take a "journeyman's" or other persons advise solely. Everything I build here, I overbuild, because in the not-too-distant future I will be too old to repair it! Always treat a building code or manufacturer's recommendation as a MINIMUM! Money spent overbuilding is never wasted!

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    J Cheek June 6, 2018

    I'm roofing my home now. Just finished up installing solar foil and lathing strips. After fouling-up in the beginning, I'm finally on my way. So far, so good!

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    frame282 June 6, 2018

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    GummyBearCar TV June 6, 2018

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    Jim Huang June 6, 2018

    What is the tile?What,s the material?

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    Maksimys Vlasenko June 6, 2018

    Мы катаем картины так

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    suzie SUZY June 6, 2018

    THank you i am gonna do mine Soon!

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    E Lawrence June 6, 2018

    Absolutely brilliant vid.
    Exactly what I was looking for !
    Very informative.
    Only question is how do you insulate/ thermal control?

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    Good Video, maybe you are interesting about info design

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    JohnAndrew June 6, 2018

    How thick was the metal, what gauge? Thinking of doing something similar on a chicken coop. Checked into some metal panel that are 29 gauge but to me seem too thin to have the purlins 24" apart.

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    Jody Walker June 6, 2018

    Thanks for the video. I think it was great, and more than enough times did you say this may not be exactly correct but this is why you were doing it the way you did. You said you were going back and doing 24". I heard you!.  Anywayyyyy  I keep getting these ridiculous estimates on a metal roof and they all do it a different way so the more I watch guys like you the more I know we can do it our self. Keep up the great attitude and sharing that also.

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    bill keller June 6, 2018

    looks like you spanned your 2×6 rafters pretty far buddy, and purlins should be 2' on center to be safe.

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    Great clip 🙂 is a great drill attachment for cutting corrugated sheet metal, totally portable when used on a cordless drill

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    NightSky777 June 6, 2018

    Appreciate your 'politics' and common-sense humor!  Where did you get ALL those empty 'Bottles' live next to a Bar??

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    gerry mcadams June 6, 2018

    great video I enjoyed it I am trying to install a wall using r-panels thanks for the tips, I live in San Antonio, Texas

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    Thermodyne Systems June 6, 2018

    I get my liquid nails on ebay, my screws and nails on ebay and all my paint on ebay. If it can fit in a box I'll get it on ebay.  I built my life on having the UPS man at my door everyday with a delivery. I think I saved $2000.00 in gas not driving so it's a win win for the environment and it's convenient,  I get more work done too shopping for construction materials at night time. If I could get studs and plywood on ebay I would 🙂

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    SyberPrepper June 6, 2018

    I appreciate the encouragement you give people to try things and expand their horizons.  Thanks for showing us your roofing installation.

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    SilentDeath002 June 6, 2018

     nice job on the roof. I have done a lot of metal roofing. it tends to get just a bit warm up there lol.  its always good to do it yourself too. a lot of satisfaction once your finished.

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