Klober Permo Air Breather Roofing Membrane

October 17, 2017

Episode 33 ~ Klober Permo Air Breather Membrane Permo® air, a low resistance air-open underlay. It is the ideal solution where there is a high risk of …
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  1. I am sceptical as to whether draping the felt will eliminate the problem.

    This would never have happened with 1F bitumin felt and I really see no benefit to using a breathable membran on a traditional pitched roof.

    A bitumin felt underlay with fascia vents around the perimeter seems like a proven risk free alternative in the majority of residential properties?

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  3. Good vedio . I am building a outbuilding flat roof annex for my disabled father. Just would like to know shall I put the breather membrane below the ply wood and above the beams or on the top of the ply outside

  4. Thats seems sound advice about the drape, however if the celotex is pushed up tight to the underside surly then you are not letting the roof circulate air? Don't you want that air/drape gap so air circulates around the insulated part of the roof and then out through the membrane? By counter battening all I can see is you circulate air between the membrane and tiles which is not helping.

  5. I never knew that,but does that not make it noisy if you had a bedroom below,when its windy my sisters roof is quite noisy,but then again her builder was a proper back to front

  6. Thanks for this video. I like the idea of a counter batten system. Provide maximum air flow. Is there any issue with priming and then painting roof battens? I've never seen it done though. Why not prime and paint the battens to preserve the wood? Less worry about wood rot then. I would choose the roofing membrane as you showed and then a counter batten system with painted battens.

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