Learn How To Start A Roofing Business

Learn How To Start A Roofing Business – http://www.roofingbusinessmarketing.com/how-to-start-a-roofing-business – And watch as i go thorough some important step you need to do when thinking…
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    Jacob Christensen March 25, 2018

    Learn to spell

  2. Reply
    Oscar Leal March 25, 2018

    Fuck roofing lol

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    ken moore March 25, 2018

    How about a cell phone make-up some cards bang on some doors.. Get a crew off Kijiji no tools.. I learned from a guy could not write in English made half million in a year its not rocket science

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    elvis guruwo March 25, 2018

    whatsapp number +263774818591 i need more lesson

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    elvis guruwo March 25, 2018

    am elvis think you for teach me

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    Michael Olatoye March 25, 2018

    10 roofs per nailgun lol? My AK works 5 years

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    Glen M March 25, 2018

    Is the cost of Workers Comp 18% of gross sales?

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    LokiTheTrixter March 25, 2018

    What a shit Advertisement for a software no one needs, you sold nothing but your own ability to sqeek as much as you can out of the consumer till your on the other side of the financial tide letting the their hard earned money drift you to shore, … well played

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    Ronald Solberg March 25, 2018

    It would be better for the general public if all states required a license. I was licensed in Az. and NM. at one time then ended up in Texas where a license was not required. By far there was a lot better class of roofers where the license was required. At the time of having a NM. license You had to be a resident one year, have 3 letters from formal employees of that trade if possible, net worth of $? list of three jobs that you done or were worked on and you took a two part test the business part and the roofing part. It took an 8 hour day for both(this was in 1978) You posted a bond with the state based on the amount of work you thought you would do yearly.

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    vNebzv March 25, 2018

    I would like to get your email I have some questions I need answered and itl be so much help to me

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    Iram Ramos March 25, 2018

    thank you for the info

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    Jon salazar March 25, 2018

    good job.

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    Matthew DeShane March 25, 2018

    Thanks for uploading the video.

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    Jacob Boucher March 25, 2018


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    Cody Rinehart March 25, 2018

    Not to be a grammar nazi but you spelt insurance wrong.

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    Carl Smith March 25, 2018

    This guys a moron showing people how to get started is just like taking food out of your own mouth stay away from California. he's just trying to make money without doing the roofing, another guy that need to retire so he doesn't make it hard for the rest.

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    Mr Smith March 25, 2018

    Thanks, that was an excellent way to start the process of finding a roofing company. We are growing at http://stjoeroofing.com

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