Metal Roofing Installation Using the SL-16® Panel by American Building Components

Our host David Mackey discusses techniques used in installing the SL-16 standing seam roofing system from American Building Components. Learn more about …
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    Douglas Thompson February 28, 2018

    On the hidden fastener install what provisions are made to keep the 'snow curl' from tearing off the gutters? Part of the advantage of having 2" overhang is it gets the snow curl out away from the gutter somewhat. Thanks. Doug

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    Maria Milton-Talbot February 28, 2018

    They're pancake heads not pan heads 🙂

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    Maria Milton-Talbot February 28, 2018

    install on plywood or wood/metal purlin?

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    Spawn Target February 28, 2018

    Everyone has slightly different ways of cutting the panel, if your cutting 10 inches or so off of a panel you should be cutting in the other direction so you are prying up the 10 inch side while cutting so that the panel your installing remains flat.

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    Jay Sheeley February 28, 2018

    can this be installed over an existing shingle roof or battens or perhaps cross battens?

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