Rodriguez Roofing Tile Roof Installation

November 22, 2017

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  1. I wonder how may workers this guy loses every year due to accidents, especially falling off roofs with no scaffolding or netting to save them when they fall. Still, look on the bright side, there are plenty of illegal Mexicans to take the places of those that die. You should take all your videos off this site mate, you are a liability.

  2. Again sadly, horizontal straps vs vertical and then a nice 1×4 like in Canada Codes. Also your bird stop has its weep holes restricted by that damn 2"x2" drip edge- it should be lower.

  3. are the gaps in the batten to allow water to pas down the roof ? and where are your striker battens,
    so many wrong points going on here but what do i know i have only been tiling for 35 years.

  4. OK, wow… This guy might of read the "how to roof for dummies" book… Cause he's way lost, has no clue what the technical name is for stuff and I'm actually going to report this guy… First off, that Valley you claim you came up with yourself, with rize in the center, is used world wide and has been around before this guy was born lol… It's called "w" style water lock… You didn't come up with it, I assure you, might wanna correct your false advertising there, and the "paint stick" metal edge? Omg dude, it's called "Bond Rise Metal"… Seriously? You're a roofer? I think you're a guy who handles paper work, go back in the office and help the secretary… She need you to file something lol… And the wally flashings, again, not you who came up with you, and you say you're the only company who does that technique and it's you who came up with it? Wow, you lie a lot huh? Any, yes slope is to low for tile, everyone uses "w" style Valley in your, I actually use custom made 36" w style at least 10 inches wider than what you used in your video from the looks of it. If your going to make a video, try and not lie and know what you're talking about next time, you obviously don't, test me, I've been perfecting roofing for 24 years myself "hands on… Your ideas are OK, concept is off, knowledge is missing or never done a roof ever yourself if I was to guess, so go thank the guys who do the work, don't act like you know a think, you obviously don't lol, and it shows big time…

  5. I have 12 years experience and the cuts on valley metal shoul be open 3 inch each side of midle valley why?
    Becouse opened the dirt leaves of trees dont stack on valley i repaired many leaks for that

  6. I definitely recommend using ice & watershield on tile or any sloped roof! Remember, whether you have a tile roof, metal roof or asphalt shingle roof, if water gets underneath it and it always does at some point (even if the roof was installed right), it will leak. Felt wrinkles and sometimes small tears occur during installation by foot traffic that may not be seen and/or replaced. Using synthetic underlayment and even water & ice shield is definitely better than not using it! I've done too many repairs on tile roofs lately by builders that only use regular felt. What if the tile cracks or slips out of place from shifting of the building? Better to pay a little more up front to waterproof, than pay an arm and a leg later doing an expensive tile repair. 

  7. work in europe myself just curious why the treated lath strips,never seen it here same with ice and water,why?u look at tile roofs 50-100yrs old they didnt use treated lath and ice and water,i think a tile roof done right doesnt even need an underlayment(doesnt mean u shouldnt do it)kinda like a slate roof in a way,ive seen old slate roofs where they didnt use anything, done right it shouldnt leak.How long is this tile supposed to last?

  8. Roofing felt for tile has to be typeD 226Type II same for metal. Completely different from standard felt. You can get that valley at any roofing supplier where tile is widely used. All of these flashings are available, The headwall does have a 120 degree angle most use 90 and it never lays down. Use lathe vertically under bats roof will last much longer. p.s use 2×4 drip you will have better luck with it " Pancake" it between 2 layers. All tile concrete and clay are not 100% watertight.

  9. From what ive seen or at least from my experience everyone uses or at least weve always used w valley and wall tray we make it our selves as well so i wouldnt go saying your the only one and were in dallas tx. but still good work glad to see theres other people out there who know what theyre doing as im sure youve had to fix roofs too that were just all wrong

  10. I am a roofer you explain all god but on tile and slate roofs you have to use copper flashings and copper nails other ways you roof don't last longer because you flashigs get bad on 15 -20 years and copper last for 80-100 year

  11. looks pro….im a shingle installer who doent do tile and i was just wondering what is stopping water when it hits ur valley flashing or spasher as u call it from comming back and going under ur tiles on the same side?

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