Roll Roofing A Small Flat Roof with Greg Zanis

October 29, 2017

Roll Roofing A Small Flat Roof with Greg Zanis WeatherWatch This quality GAF Leak Barrier helps keep water out of the most vulnerable areas of your roof, …
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  1. WOW I've been doing it wrong for years I always thought ice and water shield went between the deck and the roof.. Tar is easier ? Yeah hot up guy , def needs to stay away from any kettles maybe a modified roof is his specialty lol won't need to worry about selling the house with this guy and a torch lol he needs to go back to landscaping and stay the fuck on the ground

  2. This dude is A fucking joke I love how he sees a problem with the gutter straps and just covered them up and said this homeowner is going to be replacing A lot more than just this in the next five years.. how about your dumb ass fix them before you Put a Band-Aid on a wound that needs 14 stitches… kind a wish I was that homeowner because I would smack every bit of laziness And ConMan right the hell out of you Sorry Fucks couldn’t even use a broom first to clean off the roof they just went straight to the leaf blower scraping off grass that was growing….But I give props to the dude videotaping because I feel like he was totally Trolling this jackass boss of his lmaooo

  3. You should be charged for contractor fraud. All you did was improperly install the underlayment to the roof you were SUPPOSED to be installing. Scalping a whopping $106 ($51 for weatherwatch *underlayment*/ $94 for GAF Liberty self stick roll roofing) and cusing the next homeowner to pay 3-4x the labor cost to undo all the problems you just caused.

  4. Cant believe the crappy comments of people not knowing what this stuff is.
    This is self adhering modified bitumen, its easy to apply, if the temperature is right.
    Just pull the white off and let the temperature do the rest.
    The reason why it is applied, i do not know, best is to ripp it all off and start over.
    In the end it all comes down to pingping

  5. You idiot that's ice and water shield!!! Which is a underpayment for shingles!! Not to be exposed to direct weather!! And why wouldn't you at least remove the old roll roofing??!! Please please please people doNOT!!! Listen to this guy he is NOT a professional!!

  6. lol ~ what a character…. funny part was when his hand stuck to the backing and had the air hose in his mouth….. don't need to be a lic. contractor as some of them are as talented as this guy however…. if you gonna do a job – do it right starting with the prep…. why not remove the existing. how many reroofs are there. quack job!!! don't waste your time watching this nut.

  7. I have never done any roofing yet. This just proves this idiot doesn't look at instructions or have the common sense to know, applying a Self Adhering SA underlayment (or any SA roofing) over existing roof defeats its purpose. But he probably fell off a roof by now.

  8. It seems like there are two opposing thoughts on this….On one hand, you have the government code inspectors, who think up every possible thing they can to regulate and inspect, such as in Maryland where you can't even buy a plastic Rubbermaid shed for your backyard without a permit and inspection. All to generate taxes and fees, of course. The government is driving the cost of housing through the roof, around here it's $700,000 to $800,000 for a new house in an average suburban area, because they have to have everything absolutely pimped to perfection. And benefitting from the government boondoggle are the licensed contractors who want to show up in their humongous trucks and designer boots and top-of-the-line tools, to build some luxury addition that very few people want, need, or can afford.
    Then you have guys like this, who just get it done at minimal time and cost, providing the home owner some additional usable space at a price he can afford. Granted, the addition isn't perfect, but WTH, it's attached to a house that's at least 50 years old and is far from perfect either, but generations have grown-up there and done just fine. And when it's sold, it will most likely be to an immigrant, 90% of whom are from Third World countries with tar-paper shacks and grass huts that make the worst housing in America seem like the Taj Mahal by comparison.
    So all you people who have your panties in a twist because everything isn't perfect with this 8×8 addition, just remember that this guy is from a generation of men who forged ahead and got things done, unlike the Millenial twits who weren't even allowed to walk to school by themselves.

  9. Have any of you commenters read this guys story? You would keep your mouth shut if you believe in karma. This underlayment for the small roof he is doing should work and the lady probably agreed to it. Dude is an absolute stud of a man. I dare you to watch his story and come back and write the same garbage.

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