Roof structure summary

September 10, 2017

A short video using computer modelling to explain the general structural principles of domestic timber roofing.
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  1. hi, this is a great video, very informative.
    i think, i may have a problem with my roof. it is a timber roof 6mx8m. there are a couple of very thick beams which are completely loose. if i took a video of it, could you have a look and comment?

  2. Well demonstrated video on designing roof structure using computer modeling. It’s a great way to derive unique and durable roof designs. Thanks for sharing this informative clip.

  3. When you say "of course we need one of these tie-beams for each rafter" I don't agree. I've seen a roof 6m long with two wires(doing the job of ties) stopping the lateral  movement. No sag in the roof after 25 years. I know it's the custom but don't believe it is structurally necessary to have a tie for each rafter. I think the practice of using pre-made trusses has brought this into fashion. Excellent vid all the same, just a picky point. I've done a lot of building incl my own house. I've got a double carport with nine posts (3 lines of 3)  and am thinking of taking the central one out and replacing it with a truss/collar/tie arrangement of some sort. That's what brought me here.

  4. Thanks for uploading this summary.  Is this part of a series and if so are other parts available? I'm researching how to design an open pitch roof for an extension that is 5m wide..

  5. Hi ya Great vid solent bird , I'm a loft convertor up north , apex lofts in google should be top hit if you'd like to check me out. I'm looking for something simular to this video to explain how i take a normal low pitched roof off and place attic trusses on.
    Im not sure how to get hold of you to have a chat. thanks woody

  6. excellent video.  One missing element though.  The horizontal stability members to keep the trusses in alignment on intended centers.  Could you add to your video please?  Roof sheathing can be the element or timber members inside the trusses perpendicular to the direction of the trusses.

  7. I played around with a few ideas for my roof replacement last summer. I finally settled on factory-made trusses and I am very happy with the result. Two section roof 18.5' x 24' and 24' x 14'. This required 11@18.5' span trusses and 8@24' span trusses and cost me just over $2,200. My limiting factor here in Newfoundland was lead-time from the truss factory (about eight weeks) and it also drove up my cost as the largest factory here was 10 percent less expensive but the lead time was double.

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