Roofing 1 bundle 70 seconds

1 bundle of arcs in a little over a minute with a feeder of course(my feeder at the time was my right hand man he kept supplied with shingles faster than i ever could by myself). could have…
roof leak repair NJ


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    Virgilio Martinez October 3, 2018

    Así se instala mis respetos

  2. Reply
    Abe Kampman October 3, 2018

    all these fuckers want 12 nails / shingle. On a 4/12 out here you only need 4 nails in low wind areas. fuck

  3. Reply
    Meli Lopez Ramirez October 3, 2018

    What can I say it's a bad ass song!! RHCP

  4. Reply
    yoky456 October 3, 2018

    como cuando haces mucho como loco pero el día te pagan igual🤔

  5. Reply
    Welsh Simon October 3, 2018

    People Actually Pay For This 😂😂😎

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    Eric Gonzalez October 3, 2018

    I can see that man putting nails close to the next shingles joint that’s gonna be a leaky roof.

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    Adali Maldonado October 3, 2018

    I el mecade del arnes. Jaja. Ami no measen pendejo

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    qmax1969 October 3, 2018

    There is something call
    Crooked nails, over driven nails, misplaced nails, under driven nails.
    If you are a homeowner and you see a guy nailing your shingles like this,…fired him

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    Luis F Amador October 3, 2018

    Every body hate see a good workers ..if u listen all the coments

  10. Reply
    Ivan Carlos October 3, 2018

    Claven bien los putos shingles ala verga ya me canse de andar haciendo reparaciones por qué no los clavan bien por eso se vuelan

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    Carlos Tellez October 3, 2018

    pegan muy arriva y con chalan valen pito

  12. Reply
    Jerome Mckay October 3, 2018

    4 nailing rookie real lead hand Shinglers use 6 nails

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    Manuel Lopez October 3, 2018

    There's a mistake if you notice he's putting the first 2 nails every 6 inch ..which it's a should be 1 foot distance the first 2 nails..the rest could be anywhere..who really is a roofer.. would understand what I'm talking about

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    Jay Es October 3, 2018

    bet on the otherside if you were to look from the inside all the nails arent even on studs u can probably see them

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    Jay Es October 3, 2018

    Hail RHCP!!!!

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    yooperpitbulls October 3, 2018

    Poor nailing to high not thru the double layer of the top shingle heat will cause them to separate. We fix shit like this all the time. Only good thing about crappy roofers is you make work for us good ones.

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    G.F.- Roofing October 3, 2018

    Bet you cant fo that for 8 hours,plus your pipe boot was wrong

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    Eric Mayo October 3, 2018

    Ah talk about short mailing. Of course it a be fast

  19. Reply
    D-man October 3, 2018

    Never mind the last comment. The nails ARE too high and in the wrong place. Thank goodness the papered the house for when the wind blows it off. Speed isn't everything.

  20. Reply
    Luis Yanez October 3, 2018

    Y los clavos dónde quedarán

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    The Reservation October 3, 2018

    If he did it like that all day, than why is it noon and only a qtr done.

  22. Reply
    Lewis Shepard October 3, 2018

    You still have to count that as two roofers.

  23. Reply
    Troy Zeller October 3, 2018

    Try it on a 14 12 roof

  24. Reply
    AMIGO ROOFING October 3, 2018

    PINCHES clavos bien Arriba de donde deven ir.
    No mames con un pedo te Los van a volar !

  25. Reply
    Javier Mayra October 3, 2018

    Clavos aló pendejo asta yo

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