Roofing: Choosing between Natrual & Man-made Slates

October 21, 2017

Many home-owners when building a new roof are faced with a common decision, choosing between natural slates and man-made roof slates. There are quite a …
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  1. Your figures at the end contradict the video when you say there is not much cost difference as real slate shows upto double the cost.
    If your going to be in the property for longer than 25 years then you need real slate.
    For a refurb and sale or short term before sale then man made as you can leave the renewal after 25 years to a new owner

  2. I understand that Welsh slate lasts a hundred years or so. Chinese slates despite being millions of years old have iron within the slate leaves which oxidises due to exposure to the air and pushes the leaves of the slate apart within 10 to 15 years requiring total replacement. I know this from talking to roofers doing a local church for a second time. How does Spanish slate compare? Our slates are 180 years old on our roof!

  3. It's already hard enough to hear this guy with the wind noise and hammering. Who thought it a good idea to add music to further drown him out? Can't hear him worth shit.

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