Shingle Roofing Installation Detailed

September 14, 2017 Top View Roofing, is proud to carry a wide selection of roofing systems specifically chosen for the climate and weather conditions …
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  1. "I think shingling roofs is the / an example of the beginning and end of a construction employment association of descriptives"; that, can be very challenging and hard / to difficult work; the experience I personally have had with "watching the process of new shingles being installed is -> very difficult 0-10 sliding scale of difficulty – "again the first response / comment to shingling being a beginning / end point for a discussion of and for analyzing any type of construction work / employment – that means it is a ten – including all other construction work / jobs"; thus, the bottom line in finalizing the idea here on the beginning tiers of construction work, commenting on, etc. = "is and would be one to two years in this specificity of the descriptives of construction work with commenting and analyzing the process of such types of employment, skill level and the sliding scale (s) of difficulty (ies) – * ten being the beginning and ending (only) number established with such type of manual labor – and of course the severity would always be increasing from there and or remain fluxuating, and thus flexible per staffer, employer, and worker (s). *

  2. I always double up my crickets with a smooth & granulated torchdown. Since so much water accumulates there aroof system designed for flat roofs is a better option, IMO. I dunno if its the region but over here in so cal we normally do the "california cut" which is shingle up the valley over your underlayment. Peel n stick never hurts though 😀 And i think just mastic or caulking on your pipes is fine. A simple roof maintenance every few years is all it takes. Not trying to critique because nothing you did here was wrong its a good looking roof!!! Just a couple things i have always done differently…..Actually a detailed video of your starter & rake edges would be cool to see. Being off the roof for a few years now its the area i have forgotten. Great video !!!! Cheers

  3. Where's the drip-edge and gutter apron? Other than that, that's pretty much how you do it.

    Of course, we haven't discussed different valleys and such. That was a very basic roof installation.

    I like the way your cricket turned out and the way you counter-flashed it. Sweet!

  4. Good job, I have someone over right now replacing my shingles. The were leaving the old felt on and hammering all the old nails in that did not come out with the shingles.????? Any way I waited for them to finish this madness then when they were getting ready to put new felt over I called the business who hires the roofer and ask why they were doing it this way. Need to say they had to unfuck what they did!

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