Skyline Roofing Installation Video

This ASC Building Products Skyline Roofing Install video shows the key steps for installation of standing seam metal roofing.
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    mic602 June 10, 2018

    Yeah, the exposed fasteners are the curse bundled with this system. they use hundreds of exposed screws at valleys. Such screws perforate the roof, several of them leak when new, and plenty will leak latter on. This system fits only as animal or tool sheds, where some water leaks are not crucial.
    As to replacing the leaky washers, do it on your own roof and don't give advices to others.

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    LeeMan 20s June 10, 2018

    My buddy's exposed fastener metal roof leaks badly.

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    Michael Ledford June 10, 2018

    Oil canning isn't a problem lmfao ,any journeyman tin Smith would laugh at that one .

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