The Best Roofing shoes to walk on steep roofs , gotta know this secret …watch this!

In this video I show you the basic shoes that anyone can afford to walk on any steep roof. hope you like this video ….please share and subscribe … Eric.
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    Nosoy De Estemundo December 25, 2017

    Yo me subo con botas tribaleras

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    Chris Helms December 25, 2017

    We got it 1000 times make sure there black. You do know that's just a die in the rubber has nothing to do with the quality of the rubber and them boots are going to completely fuck the finish of the shingles, this should be a example of the worst roofing shoes possible

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    ben oliver December 25, 2017

    Cougar paws are the best roofing boots there is. The boots he is wearing will tear the new shingles when it gets hot. Ill pay $150 for boots that are made for roofing instead of paying $30.00 or 40 for a boot or shoe that the sole can tear off. The cougar paws are super comfortable and last for a while if you dont use them for tennis shoes. The pads can burn out after 2 or 3 roofs if you drag your feet the pads burn out faster. Pads are 15 to $20. He can say bullshit all he wants. His soles on his boots shows he isnt on as many roofs as he says.

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    Andrew Kerr December 25, 2017

    I can run the 40M in 6 seconds on that pitch.

    Show us a 12/12 and ill listen.

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    rooferos D Cleveland tn December 25, 2017

    Esas botonas amansa Locos an De despedorrar toda la teja , este compa ta loquisimo

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    Alexaexander Ruiz December 25, 2017

    Make sure is black not "Jello" lol

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    564fjhgfigfjhgf December 25, 2017

    Skateboarding shoes are really good on a roof. They have a flat bottom that is designed for maximum grip on a flat surface.

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    Ace deuce December 25, 2017

    You don't think no body can walk on 14/12. You can't besides should have done the demonstration on real roof to prove your point. I mean that lil fuckin roof ain't shit

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    Alejandro Casas December 25, 2017

    Yo me subo con diferentes clase de sapato no solo eso son mejor eso es asegun como uno sepas caminar ariba

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    Oscar Sanchez December 25, 2017

    hable espaƱol pinche nopal

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    Edgar Perez December 25, 2017

    Thank u !

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    Gustavo Espinoza December 25, 2017

    nah foo, just get some cougar paws the soles are made out of sponge like material and are replaceable, plus they don't slip on steep roofs and won't damage the new shingles when hot! saludos!

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    adam moduno December 25, 2017

    Never wear boots on a hot roof. You shouldn't be wearing boots period. You tear up the shingles that you just put down. This should be common sense to a roofer.

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    Eric Dillon December 25, 2017

    U can walk 7 12 all day bare footed lol

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    Contractor OS December 25, 2017

    Great Shoes Guys –

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    Dee Mitchell December 25, 2017

    What kind do u have on in video

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    alejandro fernandez December 25, 2017

    pues,cabron, roof asi es

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    Chris Stinson December 25, 2017

    Sorry but I had to.

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    Chris Stinson December 25, 2017

    Black boots, white boots, "Jello" boots….They're all the same!

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    Lightup Darkness December 25, 2017

    I think your part Mountain goat

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    Jay Like Comics December 25, 2017

    Any shoes will work for you lol….but good video save me some money.

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    Yay Jay December 25, 2017

    Try Doctor Martin's Boots

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    Ray Brensike December 25, 2017

    Many years ago I was doing roof sheathing on some big apartment roofs, and I found some shoes that had soles made of "genuine Indy 500 rubber". That's what it said. So I bought a pair, and they gripped real good, but left black marks all over the plywood, and you could definitely see a main track where I kept going back to the stack of plywood.

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    Sarah Rodriguez December 25, 2017

    Thanks my husband is a roofer and he has been using Nike high tops and they run down really fast. Those are expensive too!! I need to get him some new shoes.

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    Gabriel Fraser December 25, 2017

    There is a button cap in your shoe buddy lol

  26. Reply
    Richard Ritter December 25, 2017

    Reebok sneakers worked for me . 15 years ceder shaking 9 – 12 pitch

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