the worst roofing job in history

August 24, 2017

I said it before, subcontractor is short form for substandard. Anybody with a few bucks could open a business and get in the BBB so do your homework on the …
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  1. Couldn't help but notice at the very end of video but the caps look extremely high off the last course line on both sides of the roof.. Many amateur roofers do this to save time and money instead of buying the extra materials and taking the time to adjust measurements when installing.. never raise shingle courses because you lose the headlap of the shingles underneath..

  2. The problem isn't high nails—it's trying to save money on materials by allowing insufficient overlap. Having the nails at the top edge of the seal strip is a good place to have them to prevent leaks, but NOT if there isn't another shingle under them!

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