You think you’re a fast roofer?watch this!!(2)

October 4, 2017

I made this video with the Idea to show the newcomers to the roofing trade , a faster way to set the shingle without dropping and picking up the gun every time …
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  1. What if i want a new comp roof on my house but i only want bonded, insured and licenced companies with American citizen union workers that comply with OSHA requirements?

  2. Those shingles look like Owens Corning Duration with the SureNail strip. I see many nails going in above or halfway on the strip. That makes for weaker nail lines. Speed makes money. Speed degrades quality.

  3. This dude is a imposta your nail placement is all wrong bro and your forcing your gun. You ain't even got a rhythm I mean your gun ain't singing no fuckin tune son. If any of you fuckers wanna see what it's like to watch a bad ass roofer then look up (your favorite roofers favorite roofer

  4. Its ok but its the field nice pace but not aw inspiring where I am they want 2 nails at the ends a decent roof looks like no disrespect intended just not what I expected from title

  5. One course was a little of the line , safety and quality is the number one goal, a lot of people don't realize that the roof is the biggest remodeled you could do for your house, so instead of speed I rather go with quality and get what you paid for.

  6. Never did understand the layout installation….I would still be on my 2nd shingle when he is already done!!!but then again I am not a roofer….just a forklift technician

  7. A lot of racist snots on here. Nice job but take exception to the self sealing strip not being removed. 99% of roofers dont know what it is or just do not care about the jobs they install. Owens Corning will tell you self sealing shingles are just that. Pull the cellophane before install. When the sun heats the shingle the tar softens and adheres to the shingle below. Owens corning will not warrant if it does not comply with their installation standards not to mention the unsightly lift and sometimes blowoff because the shingles were not installed properly. It says self sealing for a reason lazy contractors.

  8. These sure nail shingles require 6 to 7 nails to get the 130mph wind rating and the manufacture
    Warranty if blows away and the shingle manufacture comes out and only see's 4 or 5 nails the warranty is viod. Everything else looks great bro.✌

  9. My brother nestor salguera is the fastest roofer ive ever seen. This guy is not very fast. No offense this is good but anyone who work with nes knows what im talking about. My bro was a beast.

  10. I like the rhythm you produced while nailing the shingles. It's the same sound with each shingle which means you are pretty accurate with your nail spacing. Good job too!

  11. I wasn't fast with comp but was fast with wood shakes with a roofing ax and nail stripper and could do 800 sq ft in under 4 hours starting with roll out paper laying bumbles and hand nail,comp I could only do about 1500 sq ft a day was slow never made union pay on comp did on shakes even after we had to go up to 1200 sq ft for 8 hour day

  12. Tape your finger nails, if you plan on doing that for a long time. Layout your shingles half on the felt ABOVE the area you are doing. Every shingle is costing you when you are fighting gravity.

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